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Stories for Everyone: on the Braille Edition of The Speed of Mercy

By Laura Brady, Director, Cross-Media 


House of Anansi Press is very proud to announce the braille edition of The Speed of Mercy. March 23rd marks the simultaneous publication day of the print edition and the accessible ebook editions, in addition to the physical and digital braille editions. These braille editions are part of our commitment to publish born accessible content.


Christy Ann Conlin’s The Speed of Mercy was a good fit for splashing out on this treatment. It is a stunning novel about women’s lives, trauma and healing, written by an acclaimed and award-winning novelist. Anansi and the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) are proud and excited to work together to make this edition available.


Traditionally braille production has been a very reactive process, with transcription taking place either by request or through libraries often many months or even years after a title has already been available in other formats if it makes it to transcription at all. In the spirit of timely access to braille, NNELS embarked on a Braille for New Publications Project to work collaboratively with publishers to create braille editions (or transcriptions) of titles that would be available simultaneously in braille at the same time as their print counterparts. Simultaneous releases are not common but are crucial to an equitable reading landscape.


Around ten percent of the Canadian population has some form of a print disability, making traditional print or ebook formats inaccessible to them. Partnering with NNELS on braille formats means that this book can find more readers. By working with Anansi, NNELS was able to obtain the text (on Anansi's recommendation) prior to the print release to allow for advance transcription to occur, allowing for the highly unusual simultaneous print/braille release.


Inclusion is a core value at House of Anansi Press/Groundwood Books. This is reflected in the diversity of our publishing program, the accessibility of our ebooks, and our sense of collective responsibility to our colleagues and our customers. Working with NNELS to produce this braille edition ties in nicely with that ethos.

Learn more about The Speed of Mercy and get your copy here:

The cover of The Speed of Mercy

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