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Alden Nowlan Selected Poems

Written by Alden Nowlan • Introduction by Susan Musgrave

Published July 24, 2013 | ISBN 9781770893764

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Alden Nowlan Selected Poems

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Alden Nowlan • Susan Musgrave

The best of beloved poet Alden Nowlan's explicitly honest, direct, and insightful poetry. Now featuring an introduction by Susan Musgrave.

Alden Nowlan, one of Canada's finest and most influential poets, died in 1983. He leaves a rich legacy of poetry that is accessible yet profound, and that speaks to people's lives with wry observation and keen insight. Alden Nowlan Selected Poems is for Nowlan fans and new readers alike. The poems included in this volume reflect the recurring themes that illuminate Nowlan's work, and it is truly the best of his poetry. Above all, this volume is a tribute to a poet who deserves to be treasured for all time.

About the Author

Alden Nowlan

Alden Nowlan is the author of poetry, plays, short stories, and novels. His poetry collection Bread, Wine and Salt won the Governor's General award in 1967. He died in Fredericton June 27, 1983.

Susan Musgrave