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Against the Odds

Written by Marjolijn Hof • Translated by Johanna H. Prins • Translated by Johanna W. Prins

For kids - 9 years old | Published October 01, 2009 | ISBN 9781554981625
JUVENILE FICTION / Family / Parents

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About this book

Against the Odds

Marjolijn Hof • Johanna H. Prins • Johanna W. Prins

USBBY Outstanding International Books selection

Kiki lives with her mother and father and their very old fat dog, Mona. Life is good except that Kiki's father, a doctor, feels compelled to go off on missions to dangerous and faraway war zones. No matter how persuasive her arguments, Kiki cannot convince him to stay home.

Kiki's mother explains to her about odds — how it is very unlikely that her father will die because, after all, how many of her friends' fathers have died? The odds are very good it won't happen. When her father actually does go missing, and as her mother and grandmother get more and more upset, Kiki begins to feel that it's up to her to save him.

This award-winning book deals with big moral issues in a serious way, but it is also very funny and deeply human.

About the Creators

Marjolijn Hof

Marjolijn Hof is a writer and former children's librarian. Her first novel, Against the Odds, won three major Dutch and Flemish children's book prizes and was translated into twelve languages. Visit Marjolijn Hof's website: http://marjolijnhofenglish.wordpress.com/

Johanna H. Prins

Johanna H. Prins is a translator who lives in Syracuse, New York, and who has translated many books together with Johanna W. Prins.

Johanna W. Prins

Johanna W. Prins is a translator who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and who has translated many books together with Johanna H. Prins.

Awards and Praise
Unusual in its straightforward treatment of the difficult issues children face, this book packs a powerful punch...
  • Commended USBBY Outstanding International, 2009