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Broken Memory

A Novel of Rwanda

Written by Elisabeth Combres

For readers 13 years old | Published October 01, 2009 | ISBN 9781554981618
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / People & Places / Africa

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144 pages
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About this book

Broken Memory

A Novel of Rwanda

Elisabeth Combres

IRA Notable Books for a Global Society selection

Hiding behind an armchair, five-year-old Emma does not witness the murder of her mother, but she hears everything. And when the assassins finally leave, the young Tutsi girl somehow manages to stumble away from the scene, motivated only by the memory of her mother's last words: "You must not die, Emma!"

Eventually Emma is taken in by an old Hutu woman who risks her own life to hide the child. Emma stays with the old woman and a quiet bond forms between the two, but long after the war ends, the young girl is still haunted by nightmares.

When the country establishes courts to allow victims to face their tormenters in their villages, Emma is uneasy and afraid. But through her growing friendship with a young torture victim and the gentle encouragement of an old man charged with helping child survivors, Emma finds the courage to return to the house where her mother was killed and begin the journey to healing.

About the Author

Elisabeth Combres

Elisabeth Combres is the author of several children's nonfiction titles. She lives in Grenoble, France.

Awards and Praise
Gracefully composed.
  • Commended USBBY Outstanding International Books, 2010
  • Commended Resource Links' Year's Best, 2010
  • Commended IRA Notable Books for a Global Society, 2010
  • Commended YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults, 2011