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Somewhere Over the Sea

A Father's Letter to His Autistic Son

Written by Halfdan W Freihow • Translated by Robert Ferguson

Published June 02, 2012 | ISBN 9781770891937

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About this book

Somewhere Over the Sea

A Father's Letter to His Autistic Son

Halfdan W Freihow • Robert Ferguson

In this deeply moving and elegantly written book, Halfdan W. Freihow takes Gabriel, his young autistic son, on a journey through the full spectrum of human experience. With great love, profound tenderness, and gentle wit, Freihow captures Gabriel's triumphs and disappointments, his joy and frustration, while struggling to help him make sense of a world that he himself does not, and cannot, fully comprehend. A powerful, honest, and achingly beautiful narrative, Somewhere Over the Sea describes a complex, loving relationship that is sometimes fraught with misunderstanding, but always bolstered by unconditional love. A must-read for all parents.

About the Creators

Halfdan W Freihow

Halfdan W. Freihow grew up in Mexico, Norway, Spain, and Belgium and has worked as a publisher, reporter, translator, and literary critic.

Robert Ferguson

Robert Ferguson is a renowned translator of Scandinavian literature. He has also written biographies of Knut Hamsun, Henry Miler, and Henrik Ibsen.