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Politics and Marketing in a Divided Age

Written by Clive Veroni

Published July 31, 2018 | ISBN 9781487005443

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About this book


Politics and Marketing in a Divided Age

Clive Veroni

Spin has been updated with a new introduction reflecting on the current era of Brexit and Trump.

Aided by masses of data, sophisticated computer modelling, and smart manipulation of social media, political strategists are reshaping the way voters think. And act. Clive Veroni analyzes the inner workings of campaign organizations to show how they build and motivate teams, and how they approach strategic and future planning. And those strategies being used to influence our choices at the ballot box will soon be used to influence our choices in the grocery store.

Spin focuses on the well-known characters from the worlds of politics and marketing to reveal how all of us will be affected by the surprising new ways in which companies and politicians will try to persuade us to vote for their brands.

About the Author

Clive Veroni

Clive Veroni is a leading marketing strategist. He is a consultant on brand positioning, marketing strategies, new product development, and advertising to a wide variety of blue-chip clients across North America. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Awards and Praise


Finalist, National Business Book Award

“Exceptionally well-written and entertaining … The author also provides a compelling argument for reinventing marketing teams to exploit events and expose brands to captive audiences in innovative ways. Techniques featured in the book are supported by well-known business examples, political events, and marketing stories that are highly relevant, powerful, and entertaining, effectively reinforcing how companies and political strategists influence voters and consumers alike. Delightfully captivating and riveting, this is a must-read for marketers and political strategists and is highly recommended for all consumers.” — Publishers Weekly

“Elegantly written, smart, and substantive.” — Hill Times

“Whether you're looking to win votes or customers in our digital age, Spin is well worth a read. And as consumers and citizens, it's good for us to know how political strategists and marketers work their magic.” — Hamilton Spectator

“Years ago, backroom political hacks embraced modern consumer marketing techniques and promptly changed the face of politics for ever. In Spin, Clive Veroni brilliantly illuminates how marketers have now turned to political operatives to learn how moving minds can also move products. Chock full of real life case studies, Veroni’s thoughtful and flawless prose tells a powerful story. This is a must-read for marketers.” — Terry Fallis, author of Best Laid Plans and No Relation

“Clive Veroni recasts the rules for marketing and branding in the digital age — a smart, entertaining romp lush with insight and example. Read it and reap.” — William Thorsell, Editor in Chief, Globe and Mail 1989–1999

“In an approachable, entertaining, highly readable manner Clive Veroni takes us into the world of tribal consumers, big data, open branding, permission marketing, and the rise of individualized targeting. As such he takes us into the world of the future in political and commercial marketing campaigns. Enjoy the read, but ponder the implications!” — Dr. Alan C. Middleton, Executive Director, Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC)