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The Malaise of Modernity

Written by Charles Taylor

Published November 01, 1991 | ISBN 9780887848865
PHILOSOPHY / Ethics & Moral Philosophy

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The Malaise of Modernity

CBC Massey Lectures

Charles Taylor

In Malaise of Modernity, Charles Taylor focuses on the key modern concept of self-fulfillment, often attacked as the central support of what Christopher Lasch has called the culture of narcissism. To Taylor, self-fulfillment, although often expressed in self-centered ways, isn't necessarily a rejection of traditional values and social commitment; it also reflects something authentic and valuable in modern culture. Only by distinguishing what is good in this modern striving from what is socially and politically dangerous, Taylor says, can our age be made to deliver its promise.

About the Author

Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor is emeritus professor of philosophy at McGill University. He is also the author of the acclaimed books Sources of the Self and A Secular Age and the winner of the 2007 Templeton Prize.