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The Moon Inside

Written by Sandra V. Feder • Illustrated by Aimée Sicuro

For kids 2 - 5 years old | Published September 01, 2016 | ISBN 9781554988242
JUVENILE FICTION / Bedtime & Dreams

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About this book

The Moon Inside

Sandra V. Feder • Aimée Sicuro

Yellow is Ella’s favorite color — she loves the bright, sunny daytime. But every night, as darkness falls, she becomes afraid. Her mother encourages her to look at the soft glow of the moon and fireflies dancing in the night. Ella listens to the chirping of crickets and the gentle rustling of the wind as she gradually realizes that nighttime can be something to look forward to rather than something to fear.

With sweet, luminous illustrations by Aimée Sicuro, this story will inspire parents and children to welcome the peaceful nature of nighttime into their homes and hearts.

About the Creators

Sandra V. Feder

Sandra V. Feder is the author of The Moon Inside, illustrated by Aimée Sicuro, as well as the popular Daisy series of early chapter books—Daisy’s Perfect Word, Daisy’s Defining Day and Daisy’s Big Night. After moving many times and discovering the sweetness of each new place, she now lives in Northern California.

Aimée Sicuro

Aimée Sicuro is an award-winning illustrator who recently published her first picture book, Bright Sky, Starry City by Uma Krishnaswami, which has been highly acclaimed.