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A Florence Diary

Written by Diana Athill

Published 2016-10- | ISBN 9781487002213

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A Florence Diary

Diana Athill

In August 1947, Diana Athill travelled to Florence by the Golden Arrow train for a two-week holiday with her cousin Pen. In this playful diary of that trip, delightfully illustrated with photographs of the period, Athill recorded her observations and adventures — eating with (and paid for by) the hopeful men they meet on their travels, admiring architectural sights, sampling delicious pastries, eking out their budget, and getting into scrapes.

Written with an arresting immediacy and infused with an exhilarating joie de vivre, A Florence Diary is a bright, colourful evocation of a time long lost and a vibrant portrait of a city that will be deliciously familiar to any contemporary traveller.

About the Author

Diana Athill

Diana Athill is one of the UK's bestselling and best-loved authors. She lives in London, England.

Awards and Praise
Its vivid intensity and Athill’s joy at being young and alive and abroad make it perfect for travellers of any age.