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Climbing Shadows

Poems for Children

Written by Shannon Bramer • Illustrated by Cindy Derby

For kids 6 years old | Published March 01, 2019 | ISBN 9781773063126

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Climbing Shadows

Poems for Children

Shannon Bramer • Cindy Derby

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The poems in Climbing Shadows were inspired by a class of kindergarten children whom poet and playwright Shannon Bramer came to know over the course of a school year. She set out to write a poem for each child, sharing her love of poetry with them, and made an anthology of the poems for Valentine’s Day.

This original collection reflects the children’s joys and sorrows, worries and fears, moods and sense of humor. Some poems address common themes such as having a hard day at school, feeling shy or being a newcomer, while others explore subjects of fascination — bats, spiders, skeletons, octopuses, polka dots, racing cars and birthday parties. Evident throughout the book is a love of words and language and the idea that there are all kinds of poems and that they are for everyone — to read or write.

Cindy Derby’s dreamy watercolor illustrations gently complement each poem. Beautiful, thoughtful, sensitive and funny, this is an exceptional collection.

Awards and Praise
  • Short-listed Rocky Mountain Book Award, 2021
  • Commended NCTE Notable Poetry Book and Verse Novel, 2020
Climbing Shadows Climbing Shadows Climbing Shadows