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I'm Glad That You're Happy

Written by Nahid Kazemi

For students in grades K - 2 | Published August 01, 2018 | ISBN 9781773061221
JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Emotions & Feelings

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About this book

I'm Glad That You're Happy

Nahid Kazemi

When a florist puts two plants in the same rosy-colored pot, he tells the bigger, stronger plant to look after the smaller, weaker one. An artist buys the plants and takes them home, where they become part of the family, celebrating happy occasions and feeling sorrowful during hard times. But as time passes and the plants grow, the pot becomes too small, and the two must be separated. While this makes the larger plant sad, it still rejoices in the way the smaller one flourishes on its own, and looks forward to the day when they will be planted in the artist’s garden to grow into trees together.

Nahid Kazemi has created a charming, beautifully illustrated story about accepting growth and change in close relationships.

About the Author

Nahid Kazemi

NAHID KAZEMI is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer with a master’s degree in painting from Tehran’s University of Art. She has received awards for her illustrations in Iran, and has published more than sixty children’s books. She has also taught art and has exhibited her work in Iran, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Lebanon and Serbia. Nahid lives in Montreal.

Awards and Praise

[Nahid Kazemi] tells her tale of child-rearing with a positive and fairly glowing feeling of all-around goodness. Kirkus Reviews

The sweet narrative about the enduring love between parents and children, along with the detail-rich artwork, makes this perfect for sharing one-on-one. Booklist

Kazemi warmly depicts a close family, and the art is filled with cozy details of their life together. School Library Journal

I'm Glad That You're Happy I'm Glad That You're Happy I'm Glad That You're Happy