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Written by Erlend Loe • Translated by Don Bartlett • Translated by Don Shaw

Published June 06, 2012 | ISBN 9781770893016
FICTION / Humorous / General

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Erlend Loe • Don Bartlett • Don Shaw

A Guardian Book of the Year and Chapters/Indigo Best Book

A bestseller in Scandinavia -- Doppler is the enchanting, subversive, and very unusual story about one man and his moose.

This beguiling modern fable tells the story of a man who, after the death of his father, abandons his home, his family, his career, and the trappings of civilization for a makeshift tent in the woods where he adopts a moose-calf named Bongo. Or is it Bongo who adopts him? Together they devote themselves, with some surprising results, to the art of carefree living.

Hilarious, touching, and poignant in equal measure -- you will read it with tear-stained cheeks and sore sides -- Doppler is also a deeply subversive novel and a strong criticism of modern consumer culture.

About the Creators

Erlend Loe

Erlend Loe is the bestselling author of eight novels, including Doppler, which was named a Guardian Best Book. His work has been translated and published in thirty-four countries. He lives in Norway.

Don Bartlett

Don Bartlett lives in Norfolk, U.K., and is the translator of, among others, Per Petterson and Jo Nesbø.

Don Shaw

Don Shaw lives in Denmark and is the compiler of Danish-Thai dictionaries. He has previously collaborated with Don Bartlett on translations of novels by Roy Jacobsen and Jakob Ejersbo.

Awards and Praise
... wonderfully subversive, funny and original.
  • Commended Chapters/Indigo Best Books, 2012
  • Commended Guardian Books of the Year, 2012