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When the Doves Disappeared

A Novel

Written by Sofi Oksanen • Translated by Lola Rogers

Published February 07, 2015 | ISBN 9781770893986
FICTION / Historical / General

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About this book

When the Doves Disappeared

A Novel

Sofi Oksanen • Lola Rogers

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From the internationally acclaimed author of Purge comes a chillingly suspenseful, deftly woven new novel that opens up a little-known yet still controversial chapter of history: the occupation, resistance, and collaboration in Estonia during and after World War II.

1941: In Communist-ruled, war-ravaged Estonia, two men are fleeing from the Red Army — Roland, a fiercely principled freedom fighter, and his slippery cousin Edgar. When the Germans arrive, Roland goes into hiding; Edgar abandons his unhappy wife, Juudit, and takes on a new identity as a loyal supporter of the Nazi regime . . . 1963: Estonia is again under Communist control, independence even further out of reach behind the Iron Curtain. Edgar is now a Soviet apparatchik, desperate to hide the secrets of his past life and stay close to those in power. But his fate remains entangled with Roland’s, and with Juudit, who may hold the key to uncovering the truth . . .

In a masterfully told story that moves between the tumult of these two brutally repressive eras — a story of surveillance, deception, passion, and betrayal — Sofi Oksanen brings to life both the frailty, and the resilience, of humanity under the shadow of tyranny.

About the Author

Sofi Oksanen

Sofi Oksanen is a Finnish-Estonian novelist and playwright. Her novel Purge won the Prix Femina and the Nordic Council Literature Prize. She has received numerous awards for her work, including the Swedish Academy Nordic Prize, the Budapest Grand Prize, and the European Book Prize. She lives in Helsinki.

Lola Rogers

Awards and Praise
Sofi Oksanen is the biggest Nordic author of the moment . . . What a remarkable writing ability this young Finnish woman possesses . . . She writes with a prose that is constantly alive and pulsating without for a second losing the perfect pitch.