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The Longest Year

Written by Daniel Grenier • Translated by Pablo Strauss

Published March 25, 2017 | ISBN 9781487001544
FICTION / Literary

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About this book

The Longest Year

Daniel Grenier • Pablo Strauss

There’s something extraordinary about Thomas Langlois.

Thomas is a young boy growing up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with a French-Canadian father, Albert, and an American mother, Laura. But beyond the fact that he lives between two cultures and languages, there’s something else about Thomas that sets him apart: he was born on February 29.

Before Albert goes on a strange quest to find out more about their mysterious relative, Aimé Bolduc, he explains to Thomas that he will only age one year out of every four and he will outlive all of his loved ones.

Thomas’s loneliness grows and the years pass until a terrible accident involving a young girl sets in motion a series of events that link the young girl and Thomas to Aimé Bolduc — a Civil War–era soldier and perhaps their contemporary.

Spanning three centuries and set against the backdrop of the Appalachians, from Quebec to Tennessee, The Longest Year is a magical and poignant story about family history, fateful dates, fragile destinies, and lives brutally ended and mysteriously extended.

About the Creators

Daniel Grenier

DANIEL GRENIER was born in Brossard, Quebec, in 1980. His debut short story collection, Malgré tout on rit à Saint-Henri was published in 2012, and his first novel, L’anée la plus longue (The Longest Year), won the Prix littéraire des collégiens and was a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for French Fiction, the Prix des libraires, and the Prix littéraire France-Québec. Grenier has also translated numerous English-language works into French. He lives in Quebec City.

Pablo Strauss

Pablo Strauss grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, and has lived in Quebec City for a decade. His translations of Quebec authors have appeared in various online and print publications.

Awards and Praise
The Longest Year is a tall tale for the 21th century — insanely inventive, insightful, and moving, at times funny and at times horrifying, epic in scope and yet very intimate in its knowledge of the human heart. Its ideas about life and time, as well as its larger than life characters, will stay with the reader for a while.
  • Long-listed Prix des libraires, 2015
  • Long-listed Prix littéraire France-Québec, 2015
  • Winner Prix littéraire des collégiens, 2015