Holiday Gift Pack For The History Lover

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We're offering a comprehensive collection of Massey Lectures past and present for the history lover in your life. From Margaret MacMillan's survey of notable figures of the past to Jennifer Welsh's recent assertion that history will inevitably return, this expansive trio of titles will captivate amateur and expert historians alike.

History's People - Margaret MacMillan

Internationally acclaimed historian Margaret MacMillan gives her own personal selection of the great figures of the past, women and men, who have changed the course of history and even directed the currents of their times — and sometimes with huge consequences

The Return of History - Jennifer Welsh 

In 1989, the American political commentator Francis Fukuyama wrote a famous essay, entitled “The End of History,” which argued that the demise of the confrontation between Communism and capitalism, and the expansion of Western liberal democracy, signalled a path toward a more peaceful world. But a quarter of a century after Fukuyama’s bold prediction, history has returned. The 2016 Massey Lectures will both illustrate and explain this return of history.

A Short History of Progress - Ronald Wright

Each time history repeats itself, so it's said, the price goes up. The twentieth century was a time of runaway growth in human population, consumption, and technology, placing a colossal load on all natural systems, especially earth, air, and water -- the very elements of life. The most urgent questions of the twenty-first century are: where will this growth lead? can it be consolidated or sustained? and what kind of world is our present bequeathing to our future?