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Killing Pilgrim

Written by Alen Mattich

Series Title: A Marko della Torre Novel

  • 440 Pages
  • 9781770894181



Publication Date January 13, 2014

The second novel in the Marko della Torre series,

Killing Pilgrim

is a propulsive political thriller following a complex plot hatched by members of the CIA and set against the backdrop of war-torn Yugoslavia.

Early autumn, 1991. Croatia and Slovenia officially declared independence from Yugoslavia, and war is imminent between the Croats and the Serbs. Department VI of the UDBA has been dismantled, while the Yugoslav government scrambles to protect the State. In the midst of the political maelstrom, secret policeman Marko della Torre gets caught in an intricate web woven by the CIA and members of the Croat nationalist movement. They enlist della Torre to make contact with a man living in the shadows: the ex-UDBA agent who assassinated Olof Palme, the former prime minister of Sweden . . .


Alen Mattich
Alen Mattich is the author of Zagreb Cowboy and Killing Pilgrim, the first two novels in the Marko della Torre series. Born in Zagreb, Croatia, he grew up in Libya, Canada, and the United States. A financial journalist and columnist, he’s now based in London, U.K., and writes for Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal.


"Killing Pilgrim boasts a high suspense quotient, but it's also strong in character" Calgary Herald

"It's political intrigue of the deliciously murky sort…with a blend of hapless resolve and quirky, fatalistic humour. Highly recommended." Winnipeg Free Press

"Euro noir with a touch of humour." Owen Sound Sun Times