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Designing Freedom

Written by Stafford Beer

Published November 18, 1993 | ISBN 9780887848551
SCIENCE / Philosophy & Social Aspects

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About this book

Designing Freedom

CBC Massey Lectures

Stafford Beer

Distinguished cyberneticist Stafford Beer states the case for a new science of systems theory and cybernetics. His essays examine such issues as The Real Threat to All We Hold Most Dear, The Discarded Tools of Modern Man, A Liberty Machine in Prototype, Science in the Service of Man, The Future That Can Be Demanded Now, The Free Man in a Cybernetic World.

Designing Freedom ponders the possibilities of liberty in a cybernetic world.

About the Author

Stafford Beer

Stafford Beer, an international consultant in the sciences of management and effective organization, wrote hundreds of papers and articles and five books. He died in August 2002.