This edition is in Spanish.

In this delightful story two young children, Ray and Amelia, discover the old New Mexican tradition of "los abuelos" for the first time. Long ago, in the cold midwinter of northern New Mexico, village men would go up into the mountains, disguise themselves as scary old men and then go down to the village to see who had been good and who had been bad. The abuelos -- wearing masks and covered with soot -- would tease the children and then have them sing or dance around the fire.

This midwinter masquerade, which contains elements of Spanish and indigenous Pueblo culture, as well as sharing features common to solstice celebrations in other parts of the world, died out in New Mexico for a time, but has been occasionally revived in recent years.


"Mora introduces the intriguing midwinter New Mexican festival of los abuelos in this playful tale...watercolor and pastel illustrations impart Amelia's apprehension as well as family togetherness." Publishers Weekly

"An amusing cautionary tale, rich with Pueblo and Hispanic traditions and a feeling of strong community ties." Library Media Connection