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Broken Shields

Written by Claudia Burr

& Krystyna Libura

& Maria Cristina Urrutia

  • 32 Pages
  • 9780888993045
  • 7.690" x 9.500"
  • Reading age to 10
  • JUVENILE NONFICTION / History / Central & South America
  • JUVENILE NONFICTION / People & Places / Caribbean & Latin America


Publication Date August 01, 1997

Broken Shields tells the story of the destruction of the Aztec civilization by the Spanish -- from the perspective of the Aztecs. The authors draw on eyewitness Aztec accounts recorded by a Spanish priest and the book is poignantly illustrated with paintings made by Spanish-educated Aztecs following the conquest.


Claudia Burr
Claudia Burr is one of the creators of the books Broken Shields and What the Aztecs Told Me.

Krystyna Libura
Krystyna M. Libura is an editor, translator and writer with a Master's degree in literature. She wrote, together with Maria Cristina Urrutia, the highly regarded Ecos de la Conquista, and has been involved in the editing, research and design of Ediciones Tecolote's acclaimed history books for children (available in English from Groundwood Books). She also teaches university courses in semiotics and iconography.

Maria Cristina Urrutia
Maria Cristina Urrutia is the publisher of Ediciones Tecolote, a prestigious Mexican publishing company whose books have won many international awards. She lives in Mexico City, Mexico.