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Brunhilda and the Ring

Written by Jorge Luján

Illustrated by Linda Wolfsgruber

Translated by Hugh Hazelton

  • 96 Pages
  • 9780888999245
  • 9.5" x 6.25"


Publication Date March 01, 2010

In this brilliant retelling of the Ring Cycle, noted Argentine/ Mexican poet Jorge Lujan gives us the true hero of these ancient and powerful myths -- Brunhilda. Through her love, passion and unwavering loyalty she redeems Siegfried. The gods and her whole world come crashing down around her, but by her sacrifice she manages to remain a stirring and admirable figure amongst the vain, the greedy, the venal and even the evil forces that surround her. She does not accept the stifling conventional view of marriage as espoused by Fricka, Wotan's wife. Neither does she succumb to brute power as exemplified by her father. Nor does she forget her love and betray her vows as does Siegfried, who is so inconstant and ultimately foolish.

Lavishly and exquisitely illustrated by master artist Linda Wolfsgruber, and told in free verse, this book gives us a new way to look at the ancient story.


Jorge Luján

Jorge Luján is an author, poet and musician who has published 42 books and 7 CDs. With many of the world’s greatest illustrators he has created an outstanding body of work, which includes Stephen and the Beetle, illustrated by Chiara Carrer, Doggy Slippers and Numeralia, illustrated by Isol, Colors! ¡Colores!, illustrated by Piet Grobler and Moví la mano / I Moved My Hand, illustrated by Mandana Sadat. Jorge has twice won the Premio de Poesía para Niños de ALIJA (IBBY Argentina) and has been nominated three times for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

Linda Wolfsgruber
Linda Wolfsgruber is a world-renowned artist who has exhibited her work throughout Europe and in the United States and Japan. She has won many awards, including the Austrian Children's and Juvenile Book Award for Illustration (four times) and the Golden Apple of the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava, and she has been nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award. Her striking illustrations appear in many books, including Inanna: From the Myths of Ancient Sumer, Stories from the Life of Jesus, Brunhilda and the Ring and A daisy is a daisy is a daisy. She lives in Vienna.

Hugh Hazelton
Hugh Hazelton is a multilingual poet and translator who won a Governor General's Award for his translation of Vetiver by Joel Des Rosiers. He lives in Montreal.


"Sure to delight to people of all ages." Richard Wagner Society of Florida

"The details of the story are sophisticated, and both text and illustrations will delight adults [and children alike]."

"Sparsely detailed images provide an eleganceto the retelling [of the Ring]." CM

"Jorge Luján presents a world of arbitrary passion, magic and violence conjured from medieval Norse and German tales." Toronto Star