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Don’t Look At Me Like That

Written by Diana Athill

Published March 10, 2020 | ISBN 9781487008468

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192 pages
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About this book

Don’t Look At Me Like That

Diana Athill

From the author of Somewhere Towards the End and Stet, the esteemed memoirist and editor Diana Athill’s only novel is an unflinching look at love and betrayal through the story of a young woman finding herself in 1950s London.

England, in the mid-1950s. Meg Bailey has always aspired to live a respectable life. With her best friend, Roxane, she moves from secondary school to a preppy art college in Oxford. Under the watchful eye of Roxane’s mother, Mrs. Wheeler, the two girls flourish in Oxfordian society. But Meg constantly longs for more. Not content to stay in Oxford, she finds a job in London. Roxane stays behind and marries Dick, a man of Mrs. Wheeler’s choosing.

As Meg’s independence grows, Dick suddenly appears in London for work. Representing a connection to her past, Meg and Dick’s friendship flourishes, blurring the lines of loyalty between what is and what was in a way that changes life for these three friends forever.

As sharp and startling now as when it was written, Don’t Look at Me Like That is an unflinching and candid book of love and betrayal that encapsulates Diana Athill’s gift of storytelling at its finest.


About the Author

Diana Athill

Diana Athill is one of the UK's bestselling and best-loved authors. She lives in London, England.