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Faces on Places

Written by Terry Murray

  • 208 Pages
  • 9780887847417
  • 8.000" x 4.250"
  • ARCHITECTURE / Decoration & Ornament
  • ARCHITECTURE / History
  • ART / Sculpture
  • ART


Publication Date May 31, 2006

Faces on Places takes us into the fascinating world of mythical and historical persons and icons that have been watching over Toronto and its inhabitants for centuries.

If you look up with author Terry Murray, you'll see beyond glass and steel and stone to spy Gargoyles, Griffins, Dragons, Angels, Portraits of Important Personages (and Caricatures of those same folk). Murray has photographed over sixty Toronto buildings, interviewed architects, stone carvers, and building occupants, and scoured archives for original architectural plans, to discover who these creatures are, and why they exist.

Faces on Places is organized by type of sculpture, and contains street addresses and maps for suggested walking tours. It is an elegant and reliable guide to the city's most silent and intriguing citizens.

Selected for the Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada (Third Place) 2007


Terry Murray

Terry Murray is an award-winning journalist and photographer specializing in medicine. For more than twenty years she has been on the staff of the The Medical Post, a weekly newspaper for Canadian doctors. Her articles and photographs have also appeared in numerous general interest publications in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and she has contributed gargoyle photographs and articles to the New York Carver website. Terry Murray is a sought-after speaker and instructor, known for the excellent content of her presentations as well as her easy manner, quick wit, and warmth. Since taking up gargoyle-hunting ten years ago, she has developed a permanent crick in her neck from looking up.