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Far From Shore

Written by Kevin Major

For kids 12 - 15 years old | Published March 01, 2004 | ISBN 9781554980604
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Social Themes / General

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Far From Shore

Kevin Major

Faced with instability on many sides, and living in an outport community in Newfoundland, fifteen-year-old Chris gropes for direction in a family broken apart by unemployment. Even his easy-going, humorous attitude fails to steady him as he stumbles through the summer after grade ten. He's failed his year, he can't find a summer job, and he's incredibly bored. So the first thing he heads for is trouble -- trouble that ends in a confrontation with the law. Work as a counselor at a summer camp offers the challenge of a fresh start, but it is here, amid new responsibilities, that he encounters his toughest test as a young man.

Winner of the first Canadian Young Adult Book Award and named a Best Book of the Year by School Library Journal, Far from Shore was hailed as a unique and innovative novel when it was first published. As he has done throughout his career, Kevin Major broke new ground by tackling a multinarrative structure in a young adult novel -- an approach much imitated since but never more convincingly.

About the Author

Kevin Major

Kevin Major is one of the best Canadian writers of his generation. He has written sixteen books, for both young people and adults. Several have been translated into other languages. Kevin lives in St. John's, Newfoundland. Visit Kevin Major's website: