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Ghost-B-Gone Incorporated

Written by Randy McCharles

  • 25 Pages
  • 9781770894563
  • FICTION / Short Stories (single author)


Publication Date October 31, 2013

The winner of Anansi Digital’s 7-day ghost story contest.

Agatha Fusney has tried everything to rid her house of ghosts, and fears the worst about the grinning salesman on her doorstep. Whoever heard of spraying the house for ghosts? But after weeks of sleepless nights, Agatha is desperate to try anything. Even something as improbable as a can of Ghost-B-Gone spray. And it only costs five dollars. Sometimes you just have to hope you get what you pay for. But what if the spray delivers more than promised?


Randy McCharles
Randy McCharles is active in Calgary, Alberta's writing community with a focus on speculative fiction. He received the Aurora Award for the novella Ringing in the Changes in Okotoks, Alberta, and his latest titles include The Puzzle Box and The Urban Green Man. Visit Randy at: