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Groundwood Books

Ghost Train

Written by Paul Yee • Illustrated by Harvey Chan • Read by Molly Johnson

For kids 6 - 10 years old | Published August 25, 2020 | ISBN 9781773065793
JUVENILE FICTION / People & Places / United States / Asian American

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32 pages
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About this book

Ghost Train

Paul Yee • Harvey Chan • Molly Johnson

A re-issue of Paul Yee and Harvey Chan’s classic picture book Ghost Train, published in celebration of Groundwood’s 35th anniversary. The enhanced epub version includes a read-aloud feature of the story narrated by Molly Johnson.

The story of a young Chinese girl who arrives in North America only to discover that her father has died building the railway.

This powerful, unforgettable and multi-award-winning tale is based on the lives of the Chinese who settled on the west coast of North America in the early 1900s.

Left behind in China by her father, who has gone to North America to find work, Choon-yi has made her living by selling her paintings in the market. When her father writes one day and asks her to join him, she joyously sets off, only to discover that he has been killed.

Choon-yi sees the railway and the giant train engines that her father died for, and she is filled with an urge to paint them. But her work disappoints her until a ghostly presence beckons her to board the train where she meets the ghosts of the men who died building the railway. She is able to give them peace by returning their bones to China where they were born.

Ghostly, magical and yet redeeming, this tale is superbly illustrated by Harvey Chan.

About the Creators

Paul Yee

Paul Yee is an award-winning writer. He lives in Toronto. Visit Paul Yee's website:

Harvey Chan

Harvey Chan immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong as a teenager. He has won the Ruth Schwartz Children's Book Award three times. Harvey is currently living in Hong Kong. Visit Harvey Chan's website:

Molly Johnson