Glorious & Free

The Canadians

Written by Rita Field-Marsham • Written by Kim Bozak • Illustrated by Frank Viva • Foreword by Yann Martel

Published July 29, 2017 | ISBN 9781487003531
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Glorious & Free

The Canadians

Rita Field-Marsham • Kim Bozak • Frank Viva • Yann Martel

In their book Glorious & Free, authors and creative directors Kim Bozak and Rita Field-Marsham are redefining how Canadians see themselves by shining a light on thirty-three daring individuals who, through the way they lead their lives, are revealing the most beautiful thing about this country: that here individuals are free to be whoever they dream themselves to be so long as they are courageous enough to embrace it. And when each one of us is free to live to the fullest expression of ourselves, the result is an intricately beautiful and ever-changing kaleidoscope that is glorious and free.

Glorious & Free is a masterpiece of collaboration between leading creative industry professionals, including Joanne Ratajczak (Photographer), Siavash Khasha (Designer), Rosemary Shipton (Executive Editor), Chris Frey (Editor and Writer), Jason McBride (Writer), Linda Besner (Writer), Megan Cuff (Project Manager), and Sarah Angel (Consulting Editor).

Told through a series of intimate interviews and photographs, and featuring original illustrations by the legendary Frank Viva, Glorious & Free is an inspirational, artistic and enduring vehicle to celebrate this new Canadian identity. It’s a timely and more fulfilling image of who we are today, and who we can be tomorrow.

Spotlighted in the book are the following glorious Canadians:
Mustafa Ahmed
Cameron Bailey
Cazhhmere Blanche
Nathalie Bondil
Ed Burtynsky
Zita Cobb
Andre De Grasse
Will Gadd
Bruno Guévremont
Kate Harris
Alexa Hatanaka and Patrick Thompson
Alex Josephson
Roxanne Joyal
Mosha Lundström Halbert
Jesse McCleery
Steve Moore
Byron and Dexter Peart
Crystal Pite
Bruce Poon Tip
Maria Qamar
Aurelié Rivard
Coco Rocha
Matthew Romeo
Daniel Saks and Nicholas Desmarais
Angela Strange
Scotty Sussman aka That Girl Sussi
Ilya Sutskever
Tanya Taylor
Stéphane Tétreault
Madeleine Thien and Rawi Hage
Liane Thomas
Zeke Thurston
Katherena Vermette