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Go, Baby, Go!

Written by Jorge Uzon

For readers 0 - 3 years old | Published October 01, 2010 | ISBN 9780888999856

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24 pages | 6 in × 5.25 in
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Go, Baby, Go!

Hello Baby Board Books

Jorge Uzon

The second in a beautifully photographed series of four board books showing us the major stages in a baby's first year.

This beautifully photographed series of four board books shows us the major stages in a baby's first year -- the first day, sitting, crawling and walking. Because the images are shot by the baby's own photographer-father, we see a very intimate portrait of this baby's world -- something an outsider could never capture. Mother, father and big brother also appear.

These books will fascinate babies, who love to look at other babies. They will also be of great interest to older siblings and even new parents, who can see what is to come or enjoy memories of earlier phases.

About the Author

Jorge Uzon

Jorge Uzon was born in Chile and studied photography at the Escuela de Altos Estudios de la Comunicacion in Santiago before leaving the country to work as a photojournalist in Mexico and Central America. He has been included in Agence France-Presse's compilations of best photographs numerous times. He is now a recipient of an Ontario Arts Council grant to document the disappearing world of the Chilean gaucho. Jorge lives with his family in Toronto.

Awards and Praise
  • Commended Resource Links' Year's Best, 2010