Jeremiah, Ohio chapbook


This sampling of poems from Jeremiah, Ohio by Adam Sol is set in Dante with Michelangelo initials, and printed on Magnani paper in a numbered edition of one hundred copies by Hans van Eijk at the Bonnefant Press, Banholt, The Netherlands, for House of Anansi Press. The pages are bound, and the cover is removable.

In Jeremiah, Ohio, Adam Sol reinvents the Biblical prophet and doomsayer Jeremiah for the postmodern age, and sends him on a reeling road trip through the strip malls and back roads of the United States with an ordinary, everyman companion, Bruce. The mismatched pair are thrown together by accident, but come to value each other as they travel in early September toward the promised city of New York.The verse in this ambitious, politically charged, and beautiful book alternates between the two main characters -- while Jeremiah delivers strange, super-charged prophecies full of incendiary language and deliberately mixed metaphors, Bruce offers down-to-earth catalogues of mundane details and daily struggles in the American empire. With these inspired creations, Adam Sol fully delivers the mastery of language and subtlety of insight promised in his earlier work.