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Lom and the Gnatters

Written by Kurusa

Illustrated by Isabel Ferrer

  • 36 Pages
  • 9780888999443
  • 7.630" x 9.500"
  • Reading age to 2
  • JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Lions, Tigers, Leopards, etc.
  • JUVENILE FICTION / Health & Medicine


Publication Date October 01, 2009

Lom, the lion, never combs his mane. It is in terrible tangles, and his head is unbearably itchy. Things go from bad to worse when the Gnatters settle into Lom's mane with their music, parties and plans to invite their cousins the Fleazies to join them. Lom's anguished roars bring the Soldier Bird, who recommends combing and, when the comb won't go through the knots, cutting the magnificent red mane. In the end Lom succumbs to the Soldier Bird's sensible advice and unexpectedly makes a very special new friend, which almost makes up for the fact that he now looks more like a porcupine than a lion.


Kurusa was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and she studied anthropology at McGill University in Montreal. She has a passion for literature, having been surrounded by books and libraries all her life. She lives in Caracas.

Isabel Ferrer
Isabel Ferrer was born in Barcelona, Spain. She studied biology as well as illustration at the Escola Llotja and won the Merce Llimona prize for illustration in children's literature in 2002. She lives in Barcelona.


"All children can take heart from the message that life goes on even when some battles are lost and we are forced to change our behaviour." Resource Links