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For Simple and Sustainable Living

Written by Stéphanie Mandrea • Written by Laurie Barrette • Translated by J. C. Sutcliffe

Published April 06, 2021 | ISBN 9781487009441

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240 pages
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For Simple and Sustainable Living

Stéphanie Mandrea • Laurie Barrette • J. C. Sutcliffe

A stylish and inspiring guide to living a happier life in balance with the natural world

Minimal offers readers inspiration and tools to embrace simple living and create meaningful, lasting change in their lives. From advice on home decorating and decluttering, and easy-to-follow recipes for making your own cosmetics and cleaning products, to tips for shopping sustainably, composting, and restoring old furniture, Minimal provides a host of small but powerful ways to live a more balanced life while being good to the planet.