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My Book of Birds

Written by Geraldo Valério

  • 60 Pages
  • 9781554988013
  • 12.25" x 9.25"
  • from grade K
  • JUVENILE NONFICTION / Animals / Birds
  • JUVENILE NONFICTION / Science & Technology / Biology
  • JUVENILE NONFICTION / Science & Technology / Zoology



Publication Date April 05, 2016

Geraldo Valério is an artist who loves birds, from majestic Golden Eagles and Snowy Owls to brilliant cardinals and jays to the tiniest of hummingbirds. Here he presents his favorites, with beautiful collage illustrations and brief descriptions that highlight intriguing facts about each one.

The illustrations show a variety of feathered creatures in their natural habitats as they hunt for food, impress their mates, nest, and care for their young. The concise, accessible text provides information ranging from clever techniques for finding food to remarkable physical features to fascinating behaviors. But above all, Geraldo Valério shares his passion for birds in this lovingly created album, inspiring young readers with their beauty and the excitement of discovery.

Includes an introduction, glossary, index and sources for further information.


Geraldo Valério

Geraldo Valério was born in Brazil, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Drawing, followed by a Master of Arts at New York University. His illustrations appear in books published in Canada, the United States, Brazil and Portugal. They include Do You Have a Dog? and When You Are Happy by Eileen Spinelli, Abecedário de Aves Brasileiras and My Book of Birds.