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No Pain Like This Body

Written by Harold Sonny Ladoo • Introduction by David Chariandy

Published 2013-72- | ISBN 9781770893795

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No Pain Like This Body

A List

Harold Sonny Ladoo • David Chariandy

The A List edition of Harold Sonny Ladoo’s enduring novel, a raw, unsentimental story of life in a small Caribbean community. Featuring a new introduction by David Chariandy

Set in the Eastern Caribbean at the beginning of the twentieth century, No Pain Like this Body describes the perilous existence of a poor rice-growing family during the August rainy season. Their struggles to cope with illness, a drunken and unpredictable father, and the violence of the elements end in unbearable loss.


Through vivid, vertiginous prose, and with brilliant economy and originality, Ladoo creates a fearful world of violation and grief, in the face of which even the most despairing efforts to endure stand out as acts of courage.

About the Author

Harold Sonny Ladoo

Harold Sonny Ladoo is the author of No Pain Like This Body and Yesterdays. He died in 1973 at the age of 28.

David Chariandy