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A List

No Pain Like This Body

Introduction by David Chariandy • Written by Harold Sonny Ladoo

Published July 24, 2013 | ISBN 9781770893795

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152 pages
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No Pain Like This Body

A List

David Chariandy • Harold Sonny Ladoo

The A List edition of Harold Sonny Ladoo’s enduring novel, a raw, unsentimental story of life in a small Caribbean community. Featuring a new introduction by David Chariandy

Set in the Eastern Caribbean at the beginning of the twentieth century, No Pain Like this Body describes the perilous existence of a poor rice-growing family during the August rainy season. Their struggles to cope with illness, a drunken and unpredictable father, and the violence of the elements end in unbearable loss.


Through vivid, vertiginous prose, and with brilliant economy and originality, Ladoo creates a fearful world of violation and grief, in the face of which even the most despairing efforts to endure stand out as acts of courage.