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Payback Limited Edition

Written by Margaret Atwood

Series Title: CBC Massey Lectures

  • 240 Pages
  • 9780887842269
  • 8.25" x 5.25"
  • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Economic History
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE / Folklore & Mythology


Publication Date October 01, 2008

This specially designed and bound first edition of Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth, signed by the author, is limited to 200 copies.

This special edition hardcover is Smyth sewn, comes with a silk ribbon page-marker, and is bound in a round-back three-piece case with Millbank Linen. The cover, with debossed images and lettering in silver and red foil, is a modification of the trade paperback cover designed by Bill Douglas at The Bang.

The interior is designed and typeset by award-winning designer Ingrid Paulson in Aldus Nova, an old-style serif typeface created by Hermann Zapf with Akira Kobayashi. Zapf is considered one of the great lettering artists of modern times. The typeface is named for Aldus Manutius, the famous fifteenth-century Venetian printer.

Short-listed for the OLA Evergreen Award (Forest of Reading) 2008

Short-listed for the National Business Book Award 2009

Runner-up for the Axiom Business Book Awards - Business Ethics 2008

Selected for the Globe and Mail Top 100 Best Books of the Year 2008


Margaret Atwood
Margaret Atwood is one of the world's preeminent writers -- winner of the Booker Prize, the Scotiabank Giller Prize, and the Governor General's Literary Award, among many other honours. She is the bestselling author of more than thirty-five books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, including The Handmaid's Tale, Alias Grace, The Blind Assassin, and Oryx and Crake. She and her spouse, writer Graeme Gibson, are the Joint Honourary Presidents of the Rare Bird Club within Birdlife International. She is an International Vice President of PEN.


"...a fascinating, freewheeling examination of ideas of debt, balance and revenge in history, society and literature - Atwood has again struck upon our most current anxieties." London Times Online

" extraordinarily vibrant Massey Lecture on debt, how it plays a motor force in much literature, in our own lives and in the machinations of the crowd we elect to govern us." Maclean's

"...witty, acutely argued and almost freakishly amusing as it is unsettling." Chicago Tribune

"...these pieces offer a panoramic look at how the concept of debt acts as a fundamental human bond and - when obligations go unfulfilled, when ledgers are left unbalanced - how it can threaten to tear societies apart." Georgia Straight

"A celebrated novelist, poet, and critic, Atwood has combined rigorous analysis, wide-ranging erudition, and a beguilingly playful imagination to produce the most probing and thought-stirring commentary on the financial crisis to date." New York Review of Books

"Atwood's book is a weird but wonderful melange of personal reminiscences, literary walkabout, moral preachment, timely political argument, economic history and theological query, all bound together with wry wit and careful though casual-seeming research.†††††††" Publishers Weekly

"In Payback, Atwood freely mixes autobiography, literary criticism and anthropology in an examination of debt as a concept deeply rooted in human - and even, in some cases, animal - behaviour...Building an argument that abounds with literary examples...Atwood entertainingly and often wryly advances the familiar thesis that what goes around comes around." Toronto Star

"Payback is a delightfully engaging, smart, funny, clever, and terrifying analysis of the role debt plays in our culture, our consciousness, our economy, our ecology and, if Atwood is right, our future." Washington Post

"...[Payback is]...a demonstration of Atwood's ability to evoke in memorable detail our vanished cultural past, and to examine both past and present in the form of language. Writing in this mode, she's never off her game." National Post

"...[Payback is] elegant and erudite...As one would expect from a novelist of Ms Atwood's calibre, the phrasing is polished and the metaphors striking."

"...replete with anecdotes and opinions, witticisms and barbs...Payback is more about economic principles, and even the market crisis, than it appears at first glance. As impressive as Atwood's intuitions, or her intellect, or even her humour, is her insistence on tracing responsibilities, and possibilities, back to those human, and thus imaginative, constructions." Globe and Mail

"Elegant and erudite...As one would expect from a novelist of Ms. Atwood's calibre, the phrasing is polished and the metaphors striking." Economist

"Nothing if not timely...Few writers are able to combine the esoteric with the polemic as [Atwood] does...darkly entertaining." Winnipeg Free Press

"Payback is a stimulating, learned and stylish read from an eminent author writing from a heartfelt perspective." Literary Review of Canada

"The lectures remind us of why Atwood has been so important to our literature." Financial Post

"There has been much written about Atwood's 'prophetic vision' and her ability to be eerily 'prescient'...given Atwood's track record, I'm a believer...Either Atwood was born under a lucky star or she really should be moonlighting from a shady storefront with a sign that says 'Palm Readings: $25.'" Rebecca Eckler