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Perspectives on Our Age

Jacques Ellul Speaks on his Life and Work

Edited by Willem H. Vanderburg • Written by Jacques Ellul

Published March 01, 1997 | ISBN 9780887848735
PHILOSOPHY / Religious

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About this book

Perspectives on Our Age

Jacques Ellul Speaks on his Life and Work

Willem H. Vanderburg • Jacques Ellul

Originally broadcast on CBC Radio's Ideas as a series of interviews, Jacques Ellul's first-person approach here makes his ideas accessible to readers looking for new ways of understanding our society, and also gives unique new insight into Ellul's life, his work, and the origins and development of his beliefs and theories.

Jacques Ellul, historian, theologian, and sociologist, was one of the foremost and widely known contemporary critics of modern technological society.

About the Creators

Willem H. Vanderburg

Willem H. Vanderburg is the founding director of the Centre for Technology and Social Development at the University of Toronto, and is the author of The Growth of Minds and Cultures and The Labyrinth of Technology.

Jacques Ellul

Jacques Ellul (1912-1994) was a professor at the University of Bordeaux, a social activist, and a prolific writer. His dedication to social and political action made him a known and respected figure in France, while his numerous books, which include Propaganda, The Subversion of Christianity, and The Political Illusion, attracted worldwide attention and helped to establish him as a key twentieth-century thinker.