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Property and Value

Written by Hugh Hood

  • 256 Pages
  • 9780887841606
  • 8.810" x 5.870"
  • FICTION / Historical
  • FICTION / Literary


Publication Date September 10, 1990

The eighth novel in Hugh Hood's New Age series, this engrossing novel is a further instalment in the lives of the Goderich family of Toronto. Matthew Goderich, fast approaching fifty, is a freelance art historian, an occupation that enables him to understand the history of his era and to consider the relationship of events and objects in a continuum: "Time is associated with value . . . Transform time and the values change" is a theme central to Hood's whole series. On assignment at the Venice Biennale, Matthew encounters Linnet Olcott, a talented British actress who is on location for a film adaptation of work by Proust. For the first time since his wife left him six years earlier, he finds a passionate companion. Matthew and Linnet's story unfolds in prose that may also rival Prousts' for its vibrant materiality -- textures, sounds, light and shadow, flavour, scent -- and for subtlety of characterization and unity of theme and representation.


Hugh Hood
Hugh Hood wrote 32 books. He taught English literature at the Universite de Montreal and was the author of seventeen novels, several volumes of short fiction, and five of nonfiction. He died in August 2000.