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House of Anansi Press


A Novel

Written by Alain Farah • Translated by Lazer Lederhendler

Published January 24, 2015 | ISBN 9781770898967
FICTION / Literary

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224 pages
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About this book


A Novel

Alain Farah • Lazer Lederhendler

The writer Alain Farah is living in two time periods, and he feels out of place in both. At the opening of his story, we find ourselves at McGill in 1962 and 2012. But the real problem lies elsewhere: on campus, a psychiatrist is conducting dangerous and unethical experiments on his patients. The writer’s uncle, Nab Safi, knows something about it, but soon he won’t be around to tell his story.

And so begins an investigation in which time, place, memory, and people collide. A mother in the Lebanese ghetto bets her son in a game of dice to settle her debts. Dinosaurs are resurrected. An odd gun will be used to determine the outcome for those who truly believe. A torn old photo and a gothic swimming pool lead to the disturbing depths of Ravenscrag, a mournful manor with 36 chambers…

Ravenscrag is an intriguing and truly original blend of retro science fiction and autobiography. It’s about resilience, literature as remedy, and ultimately, it’s a novel about survival through storytelling.

About the Creators

Alain Farah

Alain Farah is the author of Quelque chose se détache du port, a book of poems which was shortlised for the Prix Emile-Nelligan, and the novels Matamore no 29 and Pourquoi Bologne, a finalist for the Governor General's Literary Award. He is assistant professor at McGill University.

Lazer Lederhendler

Lazer Lederhendler is a Governor General's Award-winning translator. He lives in Montreal, Quebec.

Awards and Praise
[T]hrilling… Ravenscrag gives over with wild abandon to imagination and paranoia as defining traits.
  • Long-listed 2016 Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, 2016