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Rex Zero and the End of the World

Written by Tim Wynne-Jones

For kids 9 - 12 years old | Published September 01, 2006 | ISBN 9781554980345
JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General

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200 pages
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About this book

Rex Zero and the End of the World

Rex Zero

Tim Wynne-Jones

It's the summer of 1962, and to twelve-year-old Rex the world is starting to look like a pretty scary place. On TV there are reports about the Russians and a nuclear war. Some people in his new neighborhood are even building bomb shelters in their backyards. Rex learns that there's trouble closer to home as well. A black panther has escaped from a zoo and he and his friends are sure they have spotted the creature in their local park -- and it is Rex who comes up with a plan to trap it.

In this smart, vivid and touching novel, Tim Wynne-Jones explores the time and place of his own childhood when a kid could spend an entire summer below the radar of adults. But it was also a time of great uncertainty and menace, when memories of an old war were still fresh, and fears of a new one were looming.

About the Author

Tim Wynne-Jones

Tim Wynne-Jones is one of Canada's foremost writers for children. He lives in Perth, Ontario. Visit Tim Wynne-Jones' website:

Awards and Praise
  • Short-listed Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Award, 2007