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Sequence Signed Paperback Edition

ISBN X00121

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Sequence Signed Paperback Edition

Signed by the author, A.F. Moritz.

The latest collection from Griffin Poetry Prize-winning poet A. F. Moritz.

In Sequence, the reader accompanies the poet step after step and breath after breath through a haunting and mercurial world that shimmers like sun on sand. Alternating moments of spare clarity with deep narrative flashes, the poem wanders the borders of the self, pursuing the eternal moment through imagined landscapes and the lush world waiting outside the writer's window. This is poetry of intense observation, finely tuned to a pattern that is sustained with breaks and returns, alive with eros and a hunger for Breton's "convulsive beauty."

Sequence dazzles as it seeks the great mystery, while remaining fully invested in our life of contingency and time.

Sequence Signed Paperback Edition