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The Ambitious City

A MacNeice Mystery   |   The MacNeice Mysteries: Book 2

Written by Scott Thornley

Published June 26, 2018 | ISBN 9781487003272
FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Police Procedural

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464 pages
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About this book

The Ambitious City

A MacNeice Mystery

The MacNeice Mysteries: Book 2

Scott Thornley

The gripping second installment of the MacNeice Mysteries reads like a crossover episode between Sons of Anarchy and Dexter, as Detective Superintendent MacNeice and his team face off against a gang of violent bikers and a bloodthirsty serial killer…

As a local biker war rages — seven shrink-wrapped corpses have been found buried on a farm just outside of Dundurn — an ambitious waterfront project meant to revive the dying industrial city is underway. Dredging is nearly complete when six more bodies turn up at the bottom of the lake. With the body count rising, the situation in Dundurn escalates as a serial killer begins targeting the city’s successful young women of colour.

Outgunned by the bikers and outmaneuvered by the serial killer, MacNeice convinces Fiza Aziz, the young Muslim detective who burned out on their last case together, to come back to the force. Things go well until Aziz deliberately puts herself in the killer’s sights…