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The Brian Doyle Up to Low Bundle

Written by Brian Doyle

For students in grades 4 - 9 | Published November 07, 2016 | ISBN 9781773060583
JUVENILE FICTION / People & Places / Canada / General

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545 pages
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About this book

The Brian Doyle Up to Low Bundle

Brian Doyle

Up to Low

Young Tommy and Baby Bridget, the girl with the trillium-shaped eyes, discover that living, healing and dying are not always what they seem. And they make that discovery with the help of a wonderful cast of characters, including Crazy Mickey, Frank and the Hummer.

Uncle Ronald

Old Mickey is one hundred and twelve years old. He can't remember what he ate for lunch today, but he can remember every detail of what happened one hundred years ago, when he and his mother ran away from his violent father to take refuge in the hills north of Ottawa.

Mary Ann Alice

Mary Ann Alice McCrank was named for the pretty church bell in the steeple of St. Martin's Church in the Martindale. She has the soul of a poet and Mickey McGuire Jr. is in love with her. Mary Ann Alice is passionately interested in many things, especially the geology of her part of the world. Her teacher, the wonderful Patchy Drizzle, shares her passion for rocks and fossils, many of which can be found along the river and in caves under the famous Paugan Falls.

About the Author

Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle is the award-winning author of many beloved children's books. He lives in Chelsea, Quebec.