The Middle Stories

Written by Sheila Heti

Published April 01, 2001 | ISBN 9781770890886
FICTION / Short Stories

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The Middle Stories

Sheila Heti

Balancing wisdom and innocence, joy and foreboding, Sheila Heti’s completely original stories lead you to surprising places. This edition featuring nine new stories.

A frog doles out sage advice to a plumber infatuated with a princess, a boy falls hopelessly in love with a monkey, and a man with a hat keeps apocalyptic thoughts at bay by resolving to follow a plan that he admits he won’t stick to.

Globe and Mail critic Russell Smith has described Heti’s stories as cryptic fairy tales without morals at the end, but really the morals are in the quality of the telling and in the details disclosed along the way. Look where you weren’t going to look, think what you wouldn't have thought, Heti seems to say, and meaning itself gains more meaning, more dimensions. Heti’s stories are not what you expect, but why did you expect that anyway?

This special new edition features nine new stories that were not available in the first Canadian edition.

About the Author

Sheila Heti

Sheila Heti is the author of five books, including How Should a Person Be?. She lives in Toronto. Visit Sheila Heti's website: Visit Sheila Heti's blog: Follow Sheila Heti on Twitter:

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... hilarious, occasionally Seinfeldesque and frequently veer into Grimm Brotherland, fantastic, gruesome and creepy.