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The New Brick Reader

Edited by Tara Quinn

Published November 11, 2013 | ISBN 9781770894099
FICTION / Literary

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312 pages
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About this book

The New Brick Reader

Tara Quinn

Fifty writers on life, art and writing from twenty-two years of Brick, A Literary Journal.

Founded in 1977, Brick, A Literary Journal features a great many of the world’s best-loved writers, and has readers in every corner of the planet. The magazine prizes the personal voice and celebrates opinion, passion, revelation, and the occasional bad joke.

This anthology, which collects some of the very best work to appear in Brick over the last twenty-two years, is an essential collection of some of the finest writers at work today including, John Berger, Fanny Howe, Don DeLillo, Elizabeth Hay, Colm Tóibín, A.L. Kennedy, Alistair McLeod, Tim Lilburn, Jane Rule and Jeffrey Eugenides to name but a few.

Full of invigorating and challenging literary essays, interviews, memoirs, travelogues, belles lettres, and unusual musings, The New Brick Reader is the perfect introduction for those new to Brick and an ideal treasury for the magazine’s many fans.

Contributors include Rob Fyfe, Alistair Macleod, Michael Ondaatje (interview with Malouf), Annie Proulx, Brand, Creeley, Rushdie, CD Wright, Atwood, Gibson, Russell, Banks (what I'd be if not a writer), Peter Harcourt, Jane Rule, James Wood (interviews W G Sebald), Helen Garner, Elizabeth Hay, Michael Helm, Jeffrey Eugenides, Roo Borson, Jonathan Lethem, Tim Lilburn, Robert Creeley, Michelle Orange, Fanny Howe, A. L. Kennedy, Semi Chellas, Don DeLillo, Alistair Bland, Dionne Brand, Esta Spalding (interviews David Sedaris), John Berger, Clark Blaise, Jim Harrison, Clayton Ruby, Robert Hass, George Toles, Stephan Bureau (interview with Mavis Gallant), Roberto Bolano & Forrest Gander, Leon Edel (Craig Howes), Paule Anglim (interview with Gabrielle Buffet-Picabia), Colm Toibin, Don Paterson, Albert Nussbaum, W.S. Merwin, Sean Michaels, Charles Foran, Colum McCann & R. Chandran Madhu, Melora Wolff, and Eleanor Wachtel (with Anne Carson).

About the Author

Tara Quinn

Tara Quinn is a writer and contributing editor of Brick, A Literary Journal. Her writing has appeared in The Walrus, Toronto Life, This Magazine,, among other publications. She lives in Scotland.