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The Smile of the Wolf

Written by Tim Leach

Published January 15, 2019 | ISBN 9781487005405
FICTION / Historical / General

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416 pages
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The Smile of the Wolf

Tim Leach


In the darkness of midwinter, two friends set out on an adventure but end up killing a man.

Kjaran, a travelling poet who trades songs for food and shelter, and Gunnar, a feared warrior, must make a choice: conceal the deed or confess to the crime and pay the blood price to the family. For the right reasons, they make the wrong choice.

Their fateful decision leads to a brutal feud: one man is outlawed, free to be killed by anyone without consequence; the other remorselessly hunted by the dead man's kin.

Set in a world of ice and snow, Smile of the Wolf is an epic story of exile and revenge, of duels and betrayals, and two friends struggling to survive in a desolate landscape, where honour is the only code that men abide by.