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The Tweedles Go Online

Written by Monica Kulling • Illustrated by Marie Lafrance

For kids 4 - 7 years old | Published April 24, 2015 | ISBN 9781554983544

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32 pages
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About this book

The Tweedles Go Online

Monica Kulling • Marie Lafrance

The Tweedles are back and ready to take another exuberant swing at going modern. When their neighbors the Hamms announce that they’ve “gone online” by buying a telephone, Mama excitedly follows suit. But will the lure of the telephone be too much of a distraction for this sweetly old-fashioned family?

Fresh from their adventure with their new electric car, Mama decides that the family needs a telephone to keep up with the changing times, and daughter Frances could not be more thrilled. But not all the Tweedles are convinced. Son Francis only has eyes for the family’s car, and Papa worries about the family’s privacy.

Once the phone is installed in the family’s home, they can hardly believe the noise it makes! But Frances takes a shine to the telephone immediately, and her enthusiasm for the new device threatens to keep the whole family up at night. Eventually Mama and Francis warm up to the telephone, too, and soon they can’t sit still long enough to play a family game of Crokinole. Will the Tweedles ever be able to go offline again?

This clever companion to The Tweedles Go Electric gently pokes fun at our modern addiction to technology, while further endearing readers to the sweetly odd Tweedles family.

About the Creators

Monica Kulling

Monica Kulling is the author of over forty books for children, including the popular Great Idea series, stories of inventors.

Marie Lafrance

Marie Lafrance has illustrated for magazines, newspapers, billboards and boxes of jelly powder, but now she prefers to use her warm and engaging artwork to bring picture books to life.

Awards and Praise
Lafrance's neatly drawn scenes of figures sporting antique dress and hairstyles add further drollery to the thoroughly topical plotline. Readers will laugh at the juxtaposition.
The Tweedles Go Online The Tweedles Go Online The Tweedles Go Online