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The Unmemntioable

Translated by Erin Moure

Published April 07, 2012 | ISBN 9781770891784
POETRY / Canadian / General

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About this book

The Unmemntioable

Erin Moure

Shortlisted for the Kobzar Literary Award.

The Unmemntioable joins letters that should not be joined. There is, in this word, an act of force. Of devastation. The unmentionable is love, of course. But in Moure’s poems, love is bound to a duty: to comprehend what it was that the immigrants would not speak of. Now they are dead; their children and grandchildren know but an anecdotal pastiche of Ukrainian history. On Saskatoon Mountain in Alberta where they settled, only the chatter of the leaves remains of their presence. What was not spoken is sealed over, unmemntioable. There is no one left to contact in the Old Country. Can the unmemntioable retain its silence, yet be eased into words? Can experience still be spoken?

About the Author

Erin Moure

Erín Moure is a translator from French, Spanish, Galician, and Portuguese and the author of sixteen books of poetry. She has received the Governor General's Award, the Pat Lowther Memorial Award, the A. M. Klein Prize, and has been a three-time finalist for the Griffin Poetry Prize. She lives in Montreal. Visit Erín Moure's blog for her book The Unmemntioable: Visit Erín Moure's Facebook page: Follow Erín Moure on Twitter:

Awards and Praise
... a stunning book ...
  • Short-listed Kobzar Literary Award, 2014