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Written by D. A. Mishani • Translated by Jessica Cohen

Published August 18, 2020 | ISBN 9781487008239
FICTION / Thrillers / Psychological

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304 pages
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D. A. Mishani • Jessica Cohen

Three is an outstanding thriller. From the first page, Mishani’s addictive prose begins its work, drawing you into a devious plot where life, fate, and murder intertwine.” — Olivia Kiernan, author of Too Close to Breathe

When Orna meets Gil on an online dating site, their lackluster affair seems like nothing more than a way to stave off the pain of her recent divorce. But soon it becomes clear that Gil may not be exactly who he claims. And Orna’s own lies may be weaving an unexpected trap for her.

Set against the backdrop of the gritty suburbs of Tel Aviv, Three is a slow-burning psychological thriller from the internationally celebrated master of crime and suspense D. A. Mishani.