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House of Anansi Press


Written by Gaetan Soucy

Published September 26, 2003 | ISBN 9781770890671
FICTION / Literary

Cover of Vaudeville!

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440 pages
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About this book


Gaetan Soucy

New York, at the end of the 1920s. Xavier X. Mortanse, a seventeen-year-old apprentice demolition man, who claims to be an immigrant from Hungary, falls into a hole -- the beginning of myriad bizarre humiliations he suffers, only to be shown mercy by a hairdresser named Peggy Sue who will later suffer a grotesque fate.

When Xavier loses his job, he and his singing frog are hired to perform in a vaudeville show, where freakish and sordid acts attempt to outdo each other. Violence and ugliness blend cartoonishly with comedy and music as Gaetan Soucy dares us to look into the darkest sides of human experience. No one in this fascinating tableau is who he or she appears including Xavier himself, who is, as his mother says, too many people and no one.

About the Author

Gaetan Soucy

Gaetan Soucy has written four novels to acclaim in Canada and abroad. He teaches philosophy and lives in Montreal.