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Victim Without a Face

Written by Stefan Ahnhem

Translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles

Series Title: Fabian Risk

  • 592 Pages
  • 9781770899148
  • 8.5" x 5.5"



Publication Date November 01, 2015

The first book in the Fabian Risk series, Victim Without a Face is a chilling novel about the ultimate revenge.

Criminal investigator Fabian Risk has left Stockholm with his wife, Sonja, and their two children to start fresh in his hometown of Helsingborg. He has planned a six-week vacation before he starts a new job at the Homicide Department. But after only a few hours in their new home, he is asked to investigate a brutal murder. The body of Jörgen Pålsson, one of Risk’s former classmates, has been found with both hands missing. Soon the bodies of more old classmates are found, and Risk finds himself in a race against time: Can they find the murderer before the entire class is killed?

Winner of the Crimetime Specsavers Award 2015


Stefan Ahnhem
Stefan Ahnhem is an established screenwriter for both TV and film, and has worked on a variety of projects, including adaptations of Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallender series. He also serves on the board of the Swedish Writers Guild. He lives in Stockholm. Victim Without a Face is his first novel.

Rachel Willson-Broyles
Rachel Willson-Broyles is an American translator specializing in literature. She recently translated The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson, Mona by Dan T. Sehlberg, and Room No. 10 by Åke Edwarson. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin


"It is not often a crime novel grasps you from the very first page and refuses to let you go." Michael Hjort and Hans Rosenfeldt, authors of the Sebastian Bergman thrillers

"An evil story full of surprise and suspense, and taking place in the shadows of the past. I read it in one sitting." Åke Edwarson, author of Room No. 10

"A sharp and adrenaline packed thriller! For 600 pages the reader is being held in an almost uncanny grip by this crime novel that doesn’t shy away from the sensational. The author, with a background of 20 years as a script writer, is an excellent storyteller and has all the qualifications needed to be the next great Swedish thriller king." Crimetime Specsavers Award Jury

"More gripping than Nesbo, blacker than Larsson and more bleakly human than Mankell . . . this is high-octane Scandinavian crime that knows where all the bodies are buried." Tony Parsons, author of The Murder Bag