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Viola Desmond Won't Be Budged /fxl

Written by Jody Nyasha Warner • Illustrated by Richard Rudnicki

For students in grades K - 4 | Published September 01, 2010 | ISBN 9781554981960
JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Women

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About this book

Viola Desmond Won't Be Budged /fxl

Jody Nyasha Warner • Richard Rudnicki

In Nova Scotia, in 1946, an usher in a movie theatre told Viola Desmond to move from her main floor seat up to the balcony. She refused to budge. Viola knew she was being asked to move because she was black. After all, she was the only black person downstairs. All the other black people were up in the balcony. In no time at all, the police arrived and took Viola to jail. The next day she was charged and fined, but she vowed to continue her struggle against such unfair rules. She refused to accept that being black meant she couldn't sit where she wanted. Viola's determination gave strength and inspiration to her community at the time. She is an unsung hero of the North American struggle against injustice and racial discrimination whose story deserves to be widely known.

About the Creators

Jody Nyasha Warner

Jody Nyasha Warner is a writer, editor and former librarian. She lives in Toronto with her two children.

Richard Rudnicki

Richard Rudnicki is an artist known for his paintings of Nova Scotia as well as for his award-winning children's books. He lives in Halifax. Visit Richard Rudnicki's website: http://www.richardrudnicki.com/

Awards and Praise
  • Short-listed ReadBoston Best Read Aloud Book, 2011
  • Short-listed SYRCA Shining Willow Award, 2011
  • Long-listed Vancouver Children's Literature Roundtable Information Book Award, 2011
  • Short-listed Norma Fleck for Canadian Children's Non Fiction, 2011
  • Commended Resource Links' Year's Best, 2010
Viola Desmond Won't Be Budged /fxl Viola Desmond Won't Be Budged /fxl Viola Desmond Won't Be Budged /fxl