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Zagreb Cowboy

Written by Alen Mattich

Published September 13, 2012 | ISBN 9781770892279

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384 pages
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About this book

Zagreb Cowboy

A Marko della Torre Novel: Book 1

Alen Mattich

A page-turning thriller shot through with black humour and razor-sharp dialogue, Zagreb Cowboy is the spectacular debut novel in a taut new crime fiction series.

Yugoslavia, 1991. The State is crumbling, and in the midst of the political chaos secret policeman Marko della Torre has been working both sides of the law — but somewhere along the way he's crossed the line. When a corrupt cop called Strumbic helps three hired Bosnian thugs to hunt him down and kill him, della Torre makes a run for it through Croatia, Italy, and finally to London, where he’ll take Strumbic for all he's worth.

About the Author

Alen Mattich

Alen Mattich is the author of Zagreb Cowboy and Killing Pilgrim, the first two novels in the Marko della Torre series. Based in London, U.K., he writes for Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal.

Awards and Praise
Della Torre is one of a number of dark, witty characters trying to survive amid desperate times ... Mattich mines Yugoslavia's past -- secret police misdeeds, regional divisions and simmering old scores -- and the country's shaky reality in the early '90s.